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Do You Want More Success? Abundance? Freedom? Meaningful Relationships? Self-Confidence? To Make a Difference? To Be Happy?

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  October 14 - 16, 2022  

  A Foundation-Shifting Three-Day Experiential Event For People Who Have Success In Their Life And Want More!  

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Personal Best Seminars received a bequeathment from a past graduate, and community member... Robert Moody.  

Robert was a kind soul with a wry sense of humor who cared deeply about people. He was incredibly generous with his time, energy and support.  

His generosity extends even after his death and we greatly appreciate his gift to the Personal Best Scholarship Fund.  

Roberts' contribution makes the following possible:  

Personal Best Seminars Inc. will be delivering The Gift - our 3 day transformational program in Calgary Alberta October 14th - 16th 2022 and (up to) 100 people will have a FULL Scholarship to the course and follow up support with the 12 Pillars of Creation Acceleration digital program.  

The proceeds of Robert Moody’s bequest to the Personal Best Seminars Scholarship Fund will be used in the following manner.  

Personal Best Seminars will host The Gift for (up to) 100 people, on full scholarship...The Robert Moody Memorial Personal Transformation Scholarship. You are required to purchase a $197.00 Seat deposit to hold your place in the live training, that you will get back upon your attendance and completion of the event.

We will also provide ongoing support for all participants by granting access to the 12 Pillars of Creation Digital Training, and a pre event group Coaching and Prep call.  

Register Now for
Robert Moody's Gift of "The Gift" 

Personal Breakthrough Secrets recording with Jay Fiset. Explore what the "GIFT" is, why you would want to attend, and the expectations of attending. Words like: - Breakthroughs - Reframe your Blame - Sustainable Success - Create Results - Create the extraordinary - Become a Master - Limiting Beliefs - Be pulled by Contribution, Mission, and Love.

The above are experiences that we, as human beings, all desire and deserve. For many of us however, they are experiences that exist outside of our present reality. We get caught up in the rat race of everyday life and resign our ideals to settle with “well, could be worse!”. But you know in your heart that there is more you can be, do and have. 

Join Us for The Gift! A foundation-shifting 3-Day experiential course for people who have success in their life and want more!




11:00am to 11:50am

12:00pm to no later than 12:00am


10:00am to no later than 10:00pm


10:00am. to 8:00pm

You must commit to attend the ENTIRE EVENT. There is no leaving and returning. Mandatory to be present for all three full days. Be sure to clear your schedule. It will be worth it!

Optional Attendance:

Two Follow-up Webinars:

Oct 19 (6:30 to 8:00) and Oct 24 (6:30 to 8:00)

Let’s start with the TRUTH…There is something within you that you are called to CREATE! The question is are YOU ready to step up and actually answer the call??? You know you want to…it is just new, uncomfortable and sometimes downright scary! After all, you are going to need to COMMIT! 

  • Who will you need to become?
  • What risks will be required of you? 

Or is this just one of those juvenile dreams? An interesting story that you can tell people you are “Working on”… No, I didn’t think so.  

My name is Jay Fiset and I have been supporting people just like you to transform their lives for over 25 years. I have impacted about 40,000 people through my workshops, programs, books and digital products. 

Many years ago I dedicated myself to getting to the heart of which personal transformation concepts, tools and ways of BEING made the MOST SIGNIFICANT difference in creating FAST, REAL and LASTING CHANGE.  

After years of research, reading thousands of feedback forms, and interviewing graduates and industry experts, I distilled it down to 12 pillars. I know, from personal experience and empirical EVIDENCE, that if you dedicate yourself to LIVING the 12 pillars, you will create and experience a synergy of epic proportions that is difficult to describe but perhaps best expressed with the words “IT BENDS TIME.” 

Simply put, people who dedicate themselves to LIVING the 12 pillars accelerate creation. What may have taken months, years, or decades (or perhaps NEVER come to fruition at all), is created in days, weeks and months! Some have called it magical! 

Personal Best Seminars Inc. is dedicated to serving and supporting Conscious Creators to live the 12 pillars in many ways. These courses include the in-person, transformational program The Gift, Creation Circles (intimate mastermind and support groups), and live online webinars. This kind of live and interactive learning is VERY POWERFUL…but as we all know there are drawbacks to live events too: time, travel, scheduling. 

It is for this reason that I created this 12 Pillars Home Study Course – Tools For Conscious Creation. The core of this home study course is a compilation of 12 videos and a 12 Pillars Workbook. 

Each video is a recording of a live, interactive webinar that steps you through one of the 12 pillars of The Creator’s Code. This will give you a deep understanding of what the pillar is, how you can benefit from living it, and most importantly, how to take simple step-by-step actions that will compound QUICKLY and exponentially to help you create what you want NOW!  

This in-depth Creation System is structured around the 12 Pillars of The Creator’s Code, and is designed to be integrated into your life over 12 weeks. You watch a one hour video each week. That same week you take a couple of simple yet POWERFUL actions, and in 12 short weeks you will have experiences and results that will astound you. 

These pillars are the SAME fundamentals that leaders throughout time have used to build empires, help humanity leap forward, and change how we think and work. These fundamentals have been “hidden in plain sight”, and while many people work with SOME of them, the real magic is in their combination and synergy…which is simply MAGIC! 

Here is the Deep Dive into the 12 pillars: 12 videos, over 12 hours of context-expanding teaching, strategies that simplify creation, and daily practices that encode and embed the pillars into your consciousness!  


  • The difference between responsibility and Personal Accountability 
  • Why no one can really “hold you accountable” 
  • The single greatest tip that make it EASY to release blame and BE personally accountable 
  • Understand and interpret the underlying clues that your victimizations have about your life mission  


  • How to break free of unconscious consumerism 
  • How to create your OWN measures of creation and consumption 
  • How to focus and fuel your CREATION 
  • How to leave a legacy for your children and loved ones, not a bill!  

You will: 

Discover how to change your focal length… the length and term of your vision and goals. Define a brand new context and framework for making decisions in ALL aspects of life: 

  • Relationships 
  • Health 
  • Finances 
  • Career 

Your life, the lives of your children, and the future of humanity rely on a fundamental shift in how we as individuals and cultures make choices.  

  • Do you know that you have a tendency to make things HARDER than they need to be?
  • Do you wish you could spend more time and energy focused on your passions and gifts?
  • Do you wonder what your passions are?

Pillar 4 will help you find those points of flow, alignment and ease. 

When you align your life and resources around your passions and your gifts and STOP engaging in activities, jobs, and relationships that drain you instead of fuel you, you will be amazed. 

What if all decisions were filtered by “Do I love this?” or “Is this a gift of mine?” or “Should someone else be taking care of this?” It is possible for joy, creation, connection and contribution to be the core experiences of your life, which is one of the vital aspects of living Pillar 4. 

The pure creative force that is unleashed when we are in alignment is astounding. As a conscious creator, you MUST draw the line.. and question the constant effort spent fixing and improving. You need to direct your time, energy and resources to feed and fuel that which is your gift.

The most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or hostile universe.” ~ Albert Einstein  

This pillar supports your shift from beliefs of lack, scarcity and friction to one of abundance (the experience of MORE than enough!) You will discover the power of celebration, and the one behavior of the rich and happy that you can do RIGHT NOW to shift your moment to moment experience.

Being the source and cause in your life is an advanced state of consciousness. This is the ability to maintain your state or “way of being” REGARDLESS of external circumstances. This ability is talked about everywhere, implied in every personal development program, embedded in NLP state management, and one of the most significant measures of “being conscious.” 

In this program, you will learn to discern what you have control over, the different types of influence, and what outright affects you. MOST importantly, you will learn how you can use each aspect to bring you back to BEING AT SOURCE and CAUSE in all aspects of your life.

The reality is that the vast majority of human beings are PRIMARILY DRIVEN not by vision and what is meaningful, but by their general unconscious unmet needs. You will discover: 

  • The needs that MOST drive you 
  • How you can be more conscious and direct to get your needs met 
  • How to use simple and basic tools to clarify, commit and BE in the states that YOU CHOOSE in your life 

We are heading into one of the most fascinating times in human history. We are heading into the exponential growth of technology, population, and genomic medicine. The rate of change will continue to accelerate. We, as human beings, are not wired to cope with it. 

One of the BASIC requirements for each of our families, our communities and our countries is to engage in learning and sharing BOTH the timeless truths of human happiness and success, and the discovery and implementation of the NEW! 

This webinar will support you to understand the significance of this and to commit to doing it FOR YOURSELF!  

Gratitude is the world’s greatest “mind and spirit.” It will QUICKLY:

  • Raise your vibration
  • Connect you to Source and Spirit
  • Change your state
  • Attract people TO YOU!

Please understand that this is not some trite “positive thinking” idea. This is about the way in which you show up in the world and how you frame ALL your thoughts, experiences, and results.  

The foundation of this pillar is the acknowledgement that most of us believe that there is more to us than flesh, blood and bones. Our grounding is that we are spiritual beings having a human experience NOT human beings having the odd spiritual experience. 

This pillar explores the multitude of spiritual practices. The perspective is that it does not matter what you believe, but whatever you do believe will make a monumental difference, if you develop and commit to a spiritual practice in alignment with those beliefs. 

This program will clarify what you believe, provide tools and options for alternative ways and means of practicing and connect you to “Your” source so you can create with ease and joy!  

When it comes to the physical plane, there is little that has more impact than our physical bodies and health. You will learn how to balance and integrate physical activity, with the psychological aspects of stress, cortisol, and our parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems. 

There are so many MORE elements to our wellness than we typically acknowledge that we must broaden our views about what this means and what we can do about it.  



  • What entrepreneurship has to do with conscious creation 
  • How entrepreneurship can provide one of the most challenging aspects of true freedom… financial freedom 
  • How to use the resources you have to create the resources need 
  • What are the 7 most dangerous traps that Entrepreneurs fall into and how you can avoid them? 
  • The 6 pillars of a business model that WORK!  

This video will support you regardless of where you are currently. Whether you are an existing entrepreneur, an employee waiting to leap into the entrepreneurial world, or even if you are someone who does not want to be an entrepreneur themselves but wants to align with one they believe in. 

I know what you are thinking, that seems like a tremendous amount of content… and it is a But do not get overwhelmed. It is broken down into bite-size consumable bits. You invest just one hour a week and then take a couple of POWERFUL and simple steps. Before you know it, you have a bit of momentum. 

A couple of weeks later, you feel the wind at your back. And, before you even realize it, you are being completely compelled by the vision and experience of yourself as a conscious CREATOR! Join our global movement of Conscious Creators!

Now let’s go back to “YOUR TRUTH”…  

There is something within you that you are called to create…  

NOW IS THE TIME, Now is YOUR time, All it takes is your commitment to self.

Join your tribe of conscious creators and let us support you! I look forward to seeing you on the other side.

Jay Fiset

Jay Fiset, Husband, Father, President of Personal Best Seminars, Inc. and Founder of the global movement called The Creator’s Code, he is a transformational facilitator of 25 years, as well as an Entrepreneurial and Personal Leadership Coach. Jay is also a Personal Accountability Expert and author of the best selling book “Reframe Your Blame”.  

With over 40,000 graduates over the past 25 years from his transformational programs and seminars, his mission is to live passionately, positively and abundantly., manifesting freedom through personal accountability in his life and the lives of others. He is dedicated to instigating and leading a global movement of Conscious Creators who, by releasing their mental and emotional blocks and barriers, choose to create lives of meaning and contribution.  


October 14th – 16th, 2022 - CALGARY, AB

Join Us for The Gift!

A foundation-shifting 3-Day experiential course for people who have success in their life and want more!




11:00am to 11:50am

12:00pm to no later than 12:00am


10:00am to no later than 10:00pm


10:00am to 8:00pm

You must commit to attend the ENTIRE EVENT. There is no leaving and returning. Mandatory to be present for all three full days. Be sure to clear your schedule. It will be worth it!

Optional Attendance:

Two Follow-up Webinars: 

Oct 19 (6:30 to 8:00) and Oct 24 (6:30 to 8:00) 

Join Us for this Amazing Event!

The Gift will transform your life. You Are A Creator!